CDBG Update – City of Lancaster Neighborhood Demolition Project

Applicant:  City of Lancaster

Grant Amount: $269,010

Grant Source:  Community Development Block Grant / Community Enrichment

Use of Funds: The City of Lancaster Neighborhood Demolition Project consisted of the demolition of 24 blighted homes in Census Tract 010700, Block Group 1. In addition to lowering the overall aesthetic character of the neighborhood, these abandoned properties served as places for squatters to frequent, harbored drug activity, encouraged trespassing, provided habitat for vermin and insects, and were considered to be fire hazards. All of the structures were over 60 years old, and positive tests for asbestos and lead based paints compounded the health hazards identified at each of these properties. The health and safety of the citizens living in the neighborhood were negatively impacted as long as the properties remained. Thus, the project rid the neighborhood of this health and safety concern, benefiting all of the residents in the block group, including 1,320 LMI individuals.

Total Project Cost:  The total project cost was $295,600. The CDBG amount represented 91 percent of the total project cost, which consisted of $224,010 for clearance and $45,000 for administration. Of the total project cost, $269,010 was covered with CDBG funds, and $26,590 was covered with City of Lancaster funds.

Project Beneficiaries:  The project beneficiaries will be the 1,575 residents of Census Tract 010700, Block Group 1 in the City of Lancaster, 1,320 (83.8%) of whom are low and moderate income.