Union County, SC seeks your input on the Comprehensive Plan 2040 draft

Union County, SC.  Union County has developed a Comprehensive Plan, and as a part of community outreach, residents are encouraged to review and comment on the draft document.

People interested in reviewing the Union County Comprehensive Plan 2040 draft are encouraged to do so during the next three weeks. Links to the draft can be found on Union County’s website www.countyofunion.org and Catawba Regional Council of Governments’ website www.catawbacog.org. Printed copies are available at the Union County Courthouse and the Union County Tourism and Community Development Office, 103 W. Main Street. Residents can submit feedback on either website and in person at the two facilities until February 19, 2021, when the public comment period closes.

“Union County has prepared a long-range Comprehensive Plan that includes a shared vision and will influence how we develop over the next decade.  Residents are encouraged to review the draft and provide feedback on the vision and the plan elements,” stated Frank Hart, Union County Supervisor. “The input provided by residents will be incorporated into the final plan adopted later in 2021.”

Mandated in the South Carolina Planning Act, a Comprehensive Plan includes required elements such as population, land use, priority investment, housing, transportation, economic development, community facilities, cultural resources and natural resources.  In addition, local jurisdictions may choose to include additional elements as necessary.  Union County has chosen to add two additional elements, Health and Education as a part of the plan development.  A South Carolina law passed in late 2020 requires a new plan element on resiliency and this element will be prepared and included in the plan at a later date.

“The Comprehensive Plan reflects our community values and establishes policies for future development and growth in Union County.  This is a great opportunity for residents to give feedback on the Comprehensive Plan,” stated Lewis Jeter, Planning Commission Chair.  The Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on the final Comprehensive Plan prior to adoption by the Union County Council.

Click here to view the draft Comprehensive Plan.

Click here to view the Comprehensive Plan Overview.

Click here to submit feedback on the plan.

For More Information, Contact: Union County or Catawba Regional Council of Governments

Katherine Pendergrass, Union County 864.441.0707 Email

Kara W. Drane, AICP, Catawba Regional Council of Governments 803.327.9041 Email