Chester, South Carolina

Founded in the late 1700s, Chester County, South Carolina is located half-way between two of the fastest growing cities in the Southeast…Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC linked by Interstate 77.

The county has the best of both worlds for residents and businesses… a beautiful rural setting as well as a dynamic growth plan for business. As the county grows, it is dedicated to being a vibrant, diverse community, with numerous opportunities for unmatched quality of life, one that blends innovation with respect for its history.

Chester County is strategically located in the center of three large commercial areas, Charlotte- Mecklenburg in North Carolina, Greenville-Spartanburg, and Columbia in South Carolina. Rail and major highway transportation in all directions is readily available and has led to an organized, planned expansion of the industrial base.

Multi-national industries have made Chester County a truly diversified place. Plastics, steel, glass, fiberglass, paper, wood products, and several types of specialty chemicals are all manufactured in Chester County. Major industries throughout the State are supported by many smaller companies in the county.

The agricultural industry also is a major factor in the Chester County economy.  The beef, poultry, goats and dairy industries as well as cotton and soybean farming create a vibrant commercial climate.  Cotton Hills Farms is a leader in the agri-tourism business for South Carolina where school children and other visitors can experience a “Day at the Farm.”

These industries are in turn supported by a host of retail establishments, financial institutions, repair facilities and other necessary infrastructure, making Chester County an ideal place for future economic expansion. The people of the area also possess a strong work ethic and a willingness to be trained in new skill areas, Additionally, the entire business community is supported by the Chester County School system and York Technical College.

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