City of Chester, South Carolina

Situated in the heart of Chester County, the City of Chester is a small rural city with a population of 5,607 (2010 Census).  It covers about 3.2 square miles in area, and serves as the county seat of Chester County.  Chester is one of five municipalities within the county.

The City of Chester was founded in 1785 and incorporated as a municipality in 1840.  Following the Civil War, Chester became a hub for a network of railroads due to agricultural activities and the development of the textile industry and became a thriving commercial center.

The downtown area has faced some hardships due to major fires and a tornado, but today the area has been renovated and very much a success.  Due to several downtown improvement projects and a city-sponsored streetscape project, the downtown area has become a popular spot for community events, like the festivals HILLarity and Flowers! Flowers!, and annual parades.  The rehabilitation of the old buildings continues and has been an inspiration for other towns in the Carolinas seeking to revamp their downtown areas.

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