City of Rock Hill, South Carolina

The City of Rock Hill is located in York County, South Carolina and is the fifth largest city in the state.  It serves as the largest city in the Catawba Region and is located approximately 23 miles south of Charlotte, North Carolina.  The city boasts a population of 66,154 based on the 2010 Census.

Rock Hill, which was founded in the mid-1800s, was named because of the presence of a small flint hill of rock. During the construction of the Charlotte and South Carolina Railroad, most of this rock was removed to make space for a depot. A post office was established on April 17, 1852, and Rock Hill was officially incorporated in 1870. The railroad brought significant growth and prosperity to the community.

The city’s economy was once dominated by the textile industry, but is now transitioning to more of a retail and manufacturing economy. In 1991, four Civitas statues were erected as symbols of the city. Each Civita holds a disc that symbolizes the four drivers of the economy in the city (Gears of Industry, Flames of Knowledge, Stars of Inspiration, and Bolts of Energy).

Rock Hill is a thriving residential community that has been recognized by awards for its outstanding schools, parks, and its southern hospitality. The city is home to numerous attractions and hosts a variety of parks and recreation. The “rocky hill”, as it was once called, has been considered one of the top “100 Best Communities for Young People”.