COG Board

Council of Governments Board of Directors

 All member county representatives, except legislative delegation representatives, on the Catawba Regional Council of Governments Board of Directors are appointed by their applicable county council.  Legislative representatives are appointed by their respective county delegations.

Executive Committee

Charlene McGriff – Chair
Joe Branham – Vice Chair

At-Large Members

Nettie Archie (Chester County)
Alston DeVinney (Lancaster County)
Jim Fuller (Chester County)
Stacey Moore (York County)
Russell Patrick (Lancaster County)
Chad Williams (York County)
Robert Winkler (York County)
Leroy Worthy (Union County)

County Caucus Representatives

Joe Branham (Chester)
Charlene McGriff (Lancaster)
Harold E. Thompson (Union)
Todd Lumpkin (York)


Chester County
Nettie Archie (Citizen-at-Large)
Joe Branham (Chester County)
William Bundy (Citizen-at-Large)
Randy Ligon (SC House of Representatives)
Carlos Williams (City of Chester)

Lancaster County
Sean Corcoran (Citizen-at-Large)
Alston DeVenny (City of Lancaster)
Steve Harper (Lancaster County)
Charlene McGriff (Lancaster County)
Eddie Moore (Citizen-at-Large) 
Brandon Newton (SC House of Representatives)
Russell F. Patrick (Citizen-at-Large)

Union County
Doug Gilliam (SC House of Representatives)
Margaret Holloway (Citizen-at-Large)
Phillip Russell II  (Union County)
Harold E. Thompson (City of Union)
Leroy Worthy (Citizen-at-Large)

York County
Debi Cloninger (York County)
Dean Faile (Citizen-at-Large)
Mike Fuesser (City of York)
Tom Hyslip (City of Tega Cay)
Watts Huckabee (York County)
Derrick Lindsay (City of Rock Hill)
Todd Lumpkin (Citizen-at-Large)
Stacey Moore (Citizen-at-Large)
David O’Neal (SC House of Representatives)
William Roddey (York County)
P.N. Saksena (Citizen-at-Large)
Guynn Savage (Town of Fort Mill)
Wes Spurrier (Town of Clover)
Laura Ulrich (Citizen-at-Large)
Chad Williams (Citizen-at-Large)
Robert Winkler (Ex-Officio)