Economic Development Administration

The Economic Development Administration (EDA) is a federal agency which is part of the U. S. Department of Commerce.  EDA was created to provide assistance to local governments and states in enhancing economic growth and creating jobs.  The agency offers a number of grant programs which seek to implement these goals.

Catawba Regional COG has been working with EDA since 1975.  Catawba annually develops a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the four-county region.  This planning process, which involves an analysis of the region’s economy and a listing of needed projects, enables the region to be certified to participate in EDA programs.

The primary grant program available from EDA is the Public Works Program.  Through this program, grant funds are made available to local governments and service districts to provide needed infrastructure (water and sewer) to serve new or expanding businesses.  One or more business or industry must have made a commitment to create jobs. Under most conditions, the maximum grant available is $1,500,000.  A local match is required, and EDA encourages leveraging of grant funds with other sources of funding.  Preference is normally given to areas which are in economic distress.

For more information on EDA’s programs, contact Grazier Rhea, Angela Kirkpatrick, or Christine Schwartz at 803-327-9041.