Community Development Block Grant

The South Carolina Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program is designed to assist local government units in improving economic opportunities and meeting community revitalization needs, particularly for low and moderate-income persons. The Program’s mission has been developed to improve the well-being of all South Carolinians by strengthening communities through revitalizing and improving neighborhoods, public infrastructure, and the local economy.

The CDBG Program has six major categories that address a full range of activities:

  • Community Infrastructure: Addresses water, roads, sewer, and drainage activities.
  • Community Enrichment: Addresses needs in facilities and services to promote economic competitiveness, education, and workforce, or safe and healthy communities.
  • Neighborhood Revitalization: Addresses revitalization needs through comprehensive strategies linking commercial revitalization to improvements in adjacent neighborhoods.
  • “Ready To Go”: Addresses Community Infrastructure or Community Enrichment project activities that are shovel-ready.
  • Regional Planning: Provided to Councils of Governments to assist local governments in developing plans and building local community development capacity.

These categories must be submitted during one of the two funding rounds offered during the year, except for the “Ready To Go” category, which may be submitted at any time once the project is shovel-ready.

  • Business Development Provides resources for local governments to pursue opportunities that create new jobs, retain existing jobs, stimulate private investment and revitalize or facilitate the competitiveness of the local economy.

Business Development project applications may be submitted at any time during the year.

All CDBG projects must address one of three national objectives:

  1. Benefit low and moderate-income persons
  2. Eliminate slums or blight
  3. Address urgent community needs

Maximum grant amounts are generally $500,000 or $750,000, depending on the program category and number of beneficiaries. Most grants require a 10 percent local match.

For information on the CDBG program, please contact Grazier Rhea, Angela Kirkpatrick, or Christine Schwartz at 803-327-9041.