One of the core services which Catawba Regional COG provides to its local governments is in the area of state and federal grants.  The COG assists by providing notices of grant availability, helping local governments prepare applications, and providing administrative assistance in the implementation of grant projects.  Most grant programs operate on yearly cycles.  This section provides an overview of a number of grant programs which are used commonly by local governments.  For specific projects, the COG will assist in researching additional sources of funding which might be available.

Listed below are a number of grant programs which may be available to local governments in the region.

Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) are available for housing, neighborhood improvements, and economic development projects.  Projects must benefit low and moderate income persons.  Local match for most projects is 10 percent.  Contact:  Grazier Rhea, Angela Kirkpatrick, or Christine Schwartz.

Economic Development Administration (EDA) grants are available for major projects which will help create or retain jobs.  Local match in most cases is 40 percent.  Contact: Cole McKinney, Grazier Rhea, Angela Kirkpatrick, or Christine Schwartz.

Highway Safety/Public Safety grants from SC DOT.  Local match is 25 percent and up.  Contact:  Stephen Allen.

Parks, Recreation, and Trails

Historic Preservation grants are available from the SC Department of Archives and History.  They include Survey and Planning Grants for historic preservation planning and Development Grants for building restoration.  Match is 50 percent.  Contact:  Stephen Allen.

Urban Community Forestry grants are available from the SC Forestry Commission for tree surveys, planting plans, public education, and limited tree planting.  Local match is 50 percent.  Contact:  Stephen Allen.

Transportation Enhancement grants from SC DOT can be used for sidewalks, trails, landscaping, and downtown streetscape projects.  Local match is 20 percent.  Contact: Stephen Allen.

Solid Waste grants from SC DHEC include solid waste management, used oil, waste tire, and recycled tire products grants.  Contact: Stephen Allen.

Fire grants are available from Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) for fire department equipment and training. Match depends on the size of the local government.  Contact: Stephen Allen.

USDA Rural Business Enterprise grants provide for rural projects that finance and facilitate development of small and emerging rural businesses, help fund distance learning networks, and help fund employment related adult education programs.  To assist with business development, RBEGs may fund a broad array of activities.  Contact: Grazier Rhea.

Rural Infrastructure Authority grants are to address environmental quality standards and public health concerns and thereby ensure that infrastructure systems have the necessary capacity to support economic development.  The grant covers upgrades, improvements, or extension of water or sewer infrastructure.  Match requirement is all planning, engineering, permitting, acquisition, legal or other non-construction related costs.  Contact: Grazier Rhea, Angela Kirkpatrick, or Christine Schwartz.

Contact number for all grants is 803-327-9041.