Community Development Grant Bid Documents

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Bid Attachments: Wellington Mill Brownfield Site Clearance

Bid Closure Date: October 24, 2022, 2:00 PM

Submit Bid Package to:

Town of Jonesville
c/0 Michael Tyler, Administrator
131 North Main Street
Jonesville, SC 29353

Grant #: CDBG # 4-CE-20-008
Grant Recipient: Town of Jonesville
Project Description:  Clearance of former Wellington Mill Brownfields site to include ACM and C/D debris removal, demolition and removal of an abandoned smoke stack, demolition and removal of concrete and brick retaining walls and pads, as well as the removal of asphalt.  This project will remove environmental hazards making the area safe for area residents.

Bid Questions: Contact Christine Schwartz  Ph: 803-327-9041