$2.2 million road improvements underway

Signs of progress can be seen around the intersection of Hwy. 160 East and Barberville Road.

The intersection, slated for improvements for more than three years, is being widened and turning lanes are being added. It is expected to be complete this summer.

Improving the Barberville Road intersection is a $2.2 million project.

Funds for the project came from money allocated by SCDOT for projects that are done for drivers’ safety.

The intersection has been the site of several car accidents, including some fatal wrecks, over the last few years.

As the Barberville Road intersection is completed, eyes turn toward heavily-traveled Hwy. 160 East, long slated for widening. Widening Hwy. 160 East from Possum Hollow Road to the York County line continues to be on track for completion in 2017, DOT Project Manager Brian Klauk said.

The 2.2-mile widening project will cost an estimated $9.1 million.

Funding for the project comes from the Catawba Regional Council of Governments annual allocation for road projects.

Right now, officials are “nearing the end” of an environmental study required before right-of-way acquisition can begin, said Klauk.

The next step will be to hold a public hearing.

The public hearing will likely be held this summer, he said. DOT will present maps at the public hearing, detailing the properties potentially affected by the widening effort.

Questions and comments will be allowed during the public hearing. Signs will be posted on Hwy. 160 East when a date for the hearing is set.

Right-of-way acquisition will begin after the public hearing, Klauk said, and is expected to take one year.

“We’re ready to get it going,” he added.

Construction can begin after right-of-way acquisition is complete. Construction will take between 30 and 36 months.

By Jenny Overman, Staff Reporter with Fort Mill Times