3D Systems plans $10.9 million, Rock Hill expansion, adding 133 jobs

3D Systems plans to expand its Rock Hill facilities, investing $10.9 million and creating 133 jobs, according to a request filed with York County.

Avi Reichental, 3D Systems’ president and CEO, recently said the company’s headquarters, research and production facilities at the Waterford Business Park in Rock Hill were at capacity and an expansion was needed.

According to a proposed fee-in-lieu-of-tax agreement, 3D Systems would complete the expansion by 2018. The employees’ average salary would be $35,000.

The agreement would set the company’s tax rate at 6 percent. Typically, such agreements reduce a company’s property tax bill by 43 percent for 30 years.

Mark Farris, York County’s economic development director, said the county has been negotiating with 3D Systems for a year about the planned expansion. The additional space would be used to manufacture 3-D printers, Farris said.

“We’re excited to have them here and for them to make a recommitment to our community,” Farris said.

The York County Council will consider the fee agreement at its Monday meeting.

3D Systems was founded in 1986. It moved to Rock Hill in 2006. The company has a fee-in-lieu of taxes agreement on its existing facility, Farris said.

The company has developed computer-controlled 3-D printers, which precisely apply soft or hard plastics, or reinforced composite materials, to create objects. 3D Systems is not only developing the technology, but offers content-to-print solutions for a variety of industries from aerospace to health care to transportation.

3D Systems is one of the fastest-growing technology firms, listed fourth on Forbes’ list and fifth on Fortune’s list. Sales top $354 million annually, and the company is worth $4 billion on the New York Stock Exchange. Its sales have increased 46 percent over the past three years.

By Don Worthington, Staff Reporter with The Herald