Another 1,000-job prospect on radar

Another company is eyeing Lancaster County for a corporate headquarters/customer service center that could create almost 1,000 high-paying jobs by 2024.
Dubbed “Project Mustang” by Lancaster County Economic Development, the company is looking at multiple locations in the Charlotte area, including one here.
“Mustang is Indian Land focused. That’s all I can say about the specifics at this time,” said Economic Development Director Jamie Gilbert.
Gilbert’s staff and the S.C. Department of Commerce have been working on Project Mustang since February, and he calls the company “well respected and leaders in their industry sector.”
The company is planning a $24 million investment, and Lancaster County Council’s Administration Committee discussed Project Mustang at its Nov. 15 meeting.
A preliminary report included in the meeting agenda said that hourly wages of the new jobs would be more than the county average of $20.47 an hour, including more than 900 jobs paying at least $26.25 an hour.
Though it doesn’t mention a specific location, the meeting report noted that the company has found an “existing building” to lease short-term until its permanent building can be constructed.
The Admin Committee also discussed Project Mustang tax incentives that have been “verbally accepted by the company.”
The committee gave the proposal a favorable recommendation at the Nov. 15 meeting. A resolution on Project Mustang for the full county council to consider will be placed the Nov. 26 meeting agenda.
Gilbert said the resolution is a preliminary step.
“At this point, we are only asking council for an inducement resolution to show we are committed to the project. If they select us, county council will have to do three readings of an incentives agreement in 2019,” Gilbert said.

By Gregory A. Summers, Staff Reporter with The Lancaster News