City allocates $193,000 for sewer improvements

The City of Union has allocated nearly $200,000 to serve as local matches for two grants sewer improvement projects in the May Street area of the city and in the Buffalo Mill Village.

Union City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve two resolutions allocating a total of $193,098 in local funds as cash matches for Community Development Block Grants the city is applying for to finance the planned improvements.

May Street

A background report prepared for council by Jason Vance of Catawba Regional Council of Governments states that the “May Street Area Sewer Rehabilitation” project will involve “re-lining the existing sixty year-old sewer lines with a cured-in-place method that will extend the life of the lines for up to an additional 30 to 50 years. The proposed project includes upgrading approximately 4,986 lineal feet of 8 inch gravity sewer line. A total of 22 manholes will also be rehabbed as part of the project.”

Vance stated that the project is expected to cost an estimated $515,026.

The resolution states the city intends to apply for a Community Development Block Grant through the Community Infrastructure Program to pay for the upgrade of the sewer line and the manholes. Vance said the city is seeking $371,928 from the program to help finance the project.

Vance stated that the city’s share of the project totals $143,098 including engineering costs ($60,500), non-eligible CDBG costs associated with North Pinckney Street ($78,340), and non-eligible CDBG costs associated with other streets ($4,258).

The resolution states the project will serve 57 residences.

Buffalo Mill Village

Vance also prepared a background report for council on the “Buffalo Mill Village Sewer Improvements Project, Phase IV,” which states that the city “has determined that there are dilapidated sanitary sewer lines in the Buffalo Mill Village that have reached the end of their lifespan and need to be upgraded.”

The city plans to apply for a Community Development Block Grant through the Community Infrastructure Program for this project as well. Vance states that Union County will sponsor the grant with the city paying for match requirements and additional funding.

Phase IV “consists of approximately 5,402 lineal feet of 8 inch gravity sewer. The work will include tie-in of 96 existing services and resurfacing of streets upon completion.”

Vance said the project will cost an estimated $994,991.

To help fund the project, Vance said the city is requesting a $750,000 grant.

In his report to council, Vance stated that the city is required to match at least 10 percent of the grant funds, as well as any non-eligible CDBG cost associated with the project and any costs that exceed the grant maximum.

However, Vance stated that the income surveys of the area required for the project have not been completed yet, but that it appears some of the streets may not eligible for the grant program if the low- to moderate-income requirements of 51 percent are not met. If that happens, the amount of local funding required for the project will increase.

Vance said that costs for the project are not yet finalized, but the information will be given to council once the total from the income survey are final.

The resolution approved by council commits the city to allocate $50,000 for the project “and any additional funds” required for its completion.

By Charles Warner, Staff Reporter with The Union Daily Times