Funding set for road improvement

Kershaw will get funding for one of the eight road improvement projects awarded to Lancaster County last week by the Council Of Governments (COG), according the Lancaster County Administrator Steve Willis.

Repairs will be made to the intersection of Marion and Minor Streets for an estimated cost of $112,500.

“This was the number one project in the COG area,” Willis said.

That project, plus repairs to Rowland Avenue in Heath Springs for an estimated $847,500 are scheduled for 2018.

In 2019, $847,500 has been allotted for repairs to Community Lane in the county.

Taxahaw Road is earmarked for $1,107,559 in repairs and $806,250 for Providence Rd. in 2020.

In 2021, Shiloh Unity Rd. is tabbed to receive $1,384,450 in improvements and Douglas Rd. $1,125,000 in repairs.

Willis was happy with how Lancaster County fared in this last round of funding, landing eight of the 16 projects award by the COG. He credited the county’s working closely with state officials to select roads that were strong candidates for funding.

“I believe this was due to working with the SCDOT to select roads that really needed improvements rather than listing the ones that are just popular,” Willis said.

By Jim McKeown Jr, Staff Reporter with The Kershaw News-Era