Input sought on county land rules

York County is seeking input on its revision of the county’s land development rules.

The county has revised its unified development ordinance with the goal of enhancing, expanding and consolidating the document to make it more user-friendly.

Streamlining the process for developers – from planning to permitting to construction – and rewriting regulations that might discourage businesses from relocating in the area are two goals.

County officials say benefits to the public will include more sidewalks, more trees and open space, and other changes aimed at making the community a better place to live.

Several public workshops will take place this month throughout the county, where county staff will highlight the changes and invite public comment.

Critics of the county’s existing development plan say it can be difficult to navigate, even for experienced developers and contractors.

The revised document “outlines land use regulations, improved design standards, streamlined development processes, and other elements that will shape how the county will grow for the future,” according to a release.

Drafts of the documents are available for review and printing at

By Jamie Self, Staff Reporter with The Herald