New sewers and sidewalks

A number of low- and moderate-income households are in the process of getting new sewer systems and sidewalks thanks to a nearly $500,000 project undertaken by the City of Union.

Workers with Smith Backhoe and Grading have been busy at the corner of Lybrand and Blassingame streets and surrounding streets working on the projects which got under way in May.

City of Union Utility Director Joe Nichols said that the project involves the installation of a new sewer system which will serve the residents of Lybrand and Blassingame streets and Irwin Avenue as well as part of Green Street.

Nichols said the project also involves the installation of new sidewalks on Lybrand Street, parts of Irwin Avenue and Thomas Street, Boyce Street, the majority of Hicks Street, and part of Lawson Avenue.

In addition, Nichols said several dilapidated house will be demolished as part of the project.

Work began on the project in May and Nichols said plans are for it to be completed within six months.

The project, which is projected to cost $478,000, is being funded with a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant from the SC Department of Commerce.

Nichols said the city received the grant because the sewer and sidewalks projects will benefit low- and moderate-income households in the area.

By Charles Warner, Staff Reporter with The Union Times