Outstanding Local SCWorks System Employee! Elzanah Conradie, Career Advisor

Elzanah Conradie, former Re-Entry Navigator and Career Advisor was recently named Catawba Workforce Area Outstanding Local SCWorks System Employee.  Her success as a Re-Entry Navigator from 2020- 2022 was outstanding as she assisted 38 justice-involved participants in becoming self-sufficient. Elzanah provides excellent customer service and meets her participants “where they are”.  She was housed at Pathways Community Center, a center that promotes collaboration among service providers, connecting those in poverty with resources that pave a path toward self-sufficiency. She has built partnerships with the communities and has connected with agencies such as the Homeless Courts, Legal Aid, Alston Wilkes, and various other corrections facilities.  Elzanah has a passion for supporting the efforts of justice-involved individuals in rebuilding their lives and contributing to the community. While she has many success stories, we would like to share two very special ones.  One re-entry participant completed training and received his Commercial Driver’s License and accepted full-time employment with a starting wage of $30/hour, and is now able to be financially secure! Another re-entry participant had been in prison for 31 years and was dealing with overwhelming barriers while trying to find employment upon release. Elzanah worked with him to overcome the barriers, and after months of searching for employment, Palmetto Funeral Home was willing to give him an opportunity.  He began in an on-the-job training position and is now managing four locations and providing much-needed assistance to families during very difficult situations.