SCDOT Seeks Public Comment on the 2013 Federal Match Program Proposal

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is seeking public comment on a proposed 2013 Federal Match Program that would include resurfacing and system upgrade (widening, new location) projects with a minimum 50-50 federal/local match ratio.

Under the proposal, candidate projects would include “Shovel-Ready” resurfacing projects (reconstruction, rehabilitation, or preventive maintenance) and system upgrade improvements. Projects must be federal-aid eligible. The source of matching funds may include, but is not limited to, city or county sources.

Projects will be selected by the SCDOT Commission through an application process. Priority will be given to resurfacing projects with remaining funds being made available for system upgrade projects. The 2013 Federal Match Program will be contingent on the availability of adequate federal funding.

In addition, SCDOT is seeking feedback from potential applicants regarding participation in the Federal Match Program. Counties and municipalities are encouraged to provide comments indicating their interest in applying for funding through the Federal Match Program and to indicate their desire to request resurfacing funds, system upgrade funds, or both.

Comments will be accepted until Febuary 10, 2012.

For more information or to submit comments, please click here.