Ring investing $7.8 million in expansion

Chester County Council got a brief sneak preview Monday, but Ring Container Technologies, a maker of plastic containers, is officially announcing plans today that it will expand its current operations in Chester County. The more than $7.89 million investment has generated 18 new jobs.

“Ring Container Technologies is proud to be growing in Chester, S.C. We have enjoyed being part of the Chester community for 24 years and are excited about our expansion opportunities here,” said Wayne Drake, chief financial officer for Ring.

Drake did a brief presentation at Monday’s meeting of Chester County Council. He brought two jars of mayonnaise, a container of peanuts and a container of dog treats forward to demonstrate some of the small containers the company manufactures. The dog treat container actually showed off the company’s versatility a bit. The containers were once used to hold tennis balls, but the tennis ball company moved offshore. Ring adapted and found a new use for the containers.

Ring Container Technologies is growing its operations in Chester with the addition of new, state-of-the-art equipment that will help the company streamline its processes. Ring produces various plastic containers and is in the process of adding additional production capabilities at the Chester plant.

Gov. Nikki Haley said the announcement of industrial expansion is just as significant as new industrial announcements.

“Today’s announcement is another win for one of our state’s rural areas and we celebrate the more than $7.89 million investment and the creation of new jobs. When existing businesses like Ring decide to expand, it shows we are doing the right things to foster a business-friendly climate in South Carolina,” Haley said.

In the past year, South Carolina has recruited more than $4.7 billion in investment and more than 13,000 new jobs in the manufacturing sector.

“Manufacturing continues to lead the way in creating wealth and new jobs in our state. We’re good at making things in South Carolina and Ring’s expansion is another sign that businesses know that and are investing here,” said Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt.

Chester County Supervisor Carlisle Roddey said he remembered when Ring originally came to the area with the intention of making Cremora containers. He said Ring has been a solid corporate partner for the county.

“Encouraging new jobs and investment in our county is vital to the county’s mission, and it is especially gratifying when it is an existing industrial partner such as Ring,” Roddey said. “We will continue to create a pro-business atmosphere that will be attractive to our existing partners when considering an expansion opportunity here.”

Drake said Ring has expanded twice since locating here.

Ring Container Technologies is a privately held, multinational corporation focused on finding sustainable solutions for the consumer packaging industry. Headquartered in Oakland, Tenn., the company began operations in 1968. Through steady growth, it is now one of the largest plastic container manufacturers in North America.

By Travis Jenkins, Staff Reporter with The News & Reporter