Road and sidewalk improvements planned

Getting to and from Fort Mill’s biggest downtown destinations could get a little easier. And that’s just for walkers.

The town has its latest list of C-funds projects ready for discussion. Fort Mill Town Council approved them last week. Next they head to York County planners for consideration. The list includes seven sidewalk and road resurfacing items.

The top of Main Street would be covered in both directions. Clebourne Street, from Main to Parks streets, would get sidewalk work as would Tom Hall Street from Main, east. It’s only about 500 feet of sidewalk, but it connects shops and restaurants on Main to businesses and apartments on either side of Springs Street.

A mile of Steele Street, from Ralph Bunch Street to Springfield Parkway, would be resurfaced. So would half a mile of North White from Horse Road to McCammon Street. A combined 350 feet of Clebourne and South White streets would be resurfaced, including in the area of Main.

The town also might soon vote on a civil engineering services proposal related to the Complex on the Greenway.

Early plans are for a new road connecting Springfield Parkway to Tom Hall. The new road would start opposite where Tom Hall intersection with Kimbrell Road, come in through the property past where the pool area is being expanded and take a hard right behind the gym to connect with the recently completed access road between baseball fields two and three. That connection outlets on Springfield Parkway.

Last Halloween the town, Fort Mill School District and Leroy Springs & Co. announced a deal where the town would take ownership of the complex, the pool area would be expanded by the school district and Leroy Springs would keep property where the ballfields are now.

The C-Funds projects are part of a partnership between the state department of transportation and York County. A user fee of almost three cents per gallon of gas sold goes to counties for transportation improvements. It’s broken down by the land area, population and rural road mileage of each county.

Municipalities then set their lists and apply for the money. Dozens of projects are ongoing in York County either through C-Funds or the county’s critical needs program, paid for through its general fund. All expected to be complete by the end of the year. The county even has a map showing where improvements are happening.

Included are a five-food sidewalk on A.O. Jones Boulevard in Fort Mill in the Nation Ford High School area, numerous cul-de-sac roads in Rock Hill including some in the museum and Mount Gallant Road areas, East Liberty Hill Road in Lake Wylie and others in Clover, York and McConnells.

While municipalities can make their cases for roads, sidewalks and other relatively small projects through the C-Funds program, the county also takes requests from residents. Folks can click a link on the county site, where they also can get more info on the program.

By Amanda Harris, Staff Reporter with The Herald