Roddey honored with Clara Barton award

It doesn’t happen too often, but Carlisle Roddey was speechless Monday.
“I honestly don’t know what to say,” Roddey said.
Roddey was presented with a plaque and token Monday after being honored with inclusion in the Clara Barton Society. The honor is the highest that the American Red Cross can bestow upon someone.
Jim Mayhugh, director of the Chester County Red Cross, said the honor is not an annual one. It is given, he said, when a person has given time and money “above and beyond the call of duty.” Information on candidates is sent to the national Red Cross, where the ultimate decision is made as to whether a person is worthy of the honor. To Mayhugh’s knowledge, there have only been three people in Chester in the past 15 years so honored and, he thinks, only three in Rock Hill in the same time period. Roddey said he had no idea why Mayhugh told him he needed to come see him Monday and he struggled for just the right words before saying “thank you” and pronouncing that he was at a loss for words.
Mayhugh said the honor is well-deserved.
“Carlisle is the main instrument behind our fundraising,” Mayhugh said. “He is the glue that holds our fundraisers together. Besides raising money himself, he does the kick-off speech for our Heroes Campaign that motivates people.”
Roddey said he does what he does for the Red Cross and other charitable organizations he supports, not to receive awards, but to help people.
“I’m a people person and I’ve always believed in helping the disadvantaged,” Roddey said.
Roddey said he has been working with the Heroes Campaign since it began but his work teaching first aid and CPR classes goes back almost 50 years.
Mayhugh said all the money raised for the Red Cross is badly needed. He noted that, last week, the Chester County Red Cross responded to two fires in a single day.

By Travis Jenkins, Staff Reporter for The News & Reporter