ShayoNano makes it official, announces Chester operations, 40 new jobs

For two weeks now, all that has been needed to make ShayoNano’s the latest addition to Chester County’s industrial boom has been an official announcement. That came on Wednesday.

ShayoNano USA Inc., an innovative developer of advanced materials has announced plans to construct a new manufacturing facility in Chester County. The company’s $14.7 million capital investment is projected to bring approximately 40 new jobs to the community.

ShayoNano is a manufacturer and provider of nanomaterials, such as synthesizing additives that improve the profitability and performance of a variety of products. The company harnesses its unique, patented technology to support a range of uses, including paints and coatings, fire retardants, nanocomposites and more.

Located at 564 Ecology Lane in Chester, S.C., ShayoNano’s new, 23,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is projected to start pilot plant operations in the first quarter of 2019, with manufacturing production to follow in the fourth quarter of 2019. Hiring for the new positions is slated to begin in the fourth quarter of 2018 and continue through next year.

ShayoNano USA CEO Mahesh Patel said he excited to have his company locating in Chester.

“We are extremely optimistic about our future and delighted at the prospect of starting this new chapter of the company’s history in Chester, S.C.,” he said.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said the announcement represents another step in South Carolina’s conversion from a textile-driven economy to a more state-of-the-art model. Chester County Supervisor Shane Stuart called the ShayoNano announcement a big win for Chester County.

“We are excited to welcome ShayoNano to Chester County. Our county council, staff and citizens look forward to working with ShayoNano to ensure their long-term success in nanochemistry products for the paint and coatings industries,” Stuart said. “This announcement is just another example of the success that is possible because of the strong partnerships we have in our county. Increased capital investments and opportunities for quality new jobs only strengthen our community.”

Chester Development Association Chairman Mike Enoch wished the company success in its partnership with Chester County.

As the News & Reporter previously reported, to lay the groundwork for ShayoNano, Chester County Council approved a rezoning request to switch the site location on Ecology Lane from ID-2 (limited industrial) to ID-3 (general industrial). There is a “reverter clause” attached which have the property automatically switch back to ID-2 if ShayoNano closed or moved. The switch was need because, according to county ordinance, companies using “organic or inorganic” chemicals have to be slotted as a special exception in ID-3, even if those chemicals are relatively benign.

The property (near Richburg) formerly housed American Carbon Technologies, which closed in 2008. Chester County Economic Development Director Karlisa Dean said the only real snag the project hit was that the county could not accommodate the high salt concentration (13 percent) from the company’s wastewater. That doesn’t demonstrate a deficiency on Chester’s part at all, she said, noting that Charleston County would not have been able to accept that either. The company resolved the issue on its own, she said, deciding to retrieve and sell the salt as another income source.

Late last month, Chester County Council approved third-and-final reading on an ordinance related to a fee in lieu of tax agreement and special source revenue credit agreement between the county and ShayoNano OPT Properties, LLC. The ordinance included language that included real property located within a multi-county industrial park (a tax designation that basically only exists on paper) and the provision of credits against fee in lieu of tax payments.

By Travis Jenkins, Staff Reporter with The News & Reporter