Union County sees slight increase in single family building permits

  Union County saw a slight increase in the number of building permits issued for single family homes in the third quarter of 2010, according to information released this week by the Catawba Regional Council of Governments.

  The information shows the number of permits for single family homes in the third quarter stood at seven – just one more than the six issued in the same quarter in 2009. 

  There were five permits issued for mobile homes in Union County, a significant decrease from the third quarter in 2009 when nine mobile home permits were issued.

  Those were the only two changes from the previous year’s third quarter.  According to the agency, there were no commercial or industrial permits issued during the third quarter in either 2009 or 2010.

  Catawba Regional maintains a building permit tracking system that dates back to 1996 which covers the counties in its region – Chester, Lancaster, Union and York.

  The third quarter analysis of figures showed all of the region’s four counties experienced mixed results for all types of residential permits in the third quarter.  Commercial permit totals were generally down across the region while Chester, Lancaster and York counties each had industrial permit activity. 


Third quarter (only) 209-10 by county

                                              Chester            Lancaster             Union                York

                                            2009   2010        2009    2010     2009   2010     2009  2010

Single family permits             2          2             157      160        6           7        254    182

Multi-family permits               0          0                0           0        0           0           18       1

Mobile home permits             3        10               1           2          9           5          24       23

Commercial permits              0          0                3           8          0           0          46      43

Industrial permits                  1         0                0           1          0           0           3         5

Courtesy of The Union Daily Times