York Co. economic priority gets funds

Licensing fees normally paid by York Electric Cooperative and Comporium to the state are staying in York County, funding an economic development priority.
The funds will be used to build a 40,000-square-foot building in the Antrim Business Park off Dave Lyle Boulevard and adjacent to Interstate 77.
The “spec” building will be marketed to firms looking to expand operations in the county or move to the area. As a spec structure, the interior, even the floor, won’t be finished, allowing whoever leases or purchases the building to customize to its needs. The building is being designed to attract an industrial company.
The floor, as planned, will be gravel.
Erecting a spec building has been a top priority of York County economic developers for several years. A building of this size is needed because of a lack of available space and the difficulty companies are finding in financing new construction, said York County Manager Jim Baker.
York Electric Cooperative has designated more than $1 million in fees for the project. On Wednesday, Comporium committed $200,000.
“This helps us get to the finish line,” Baker said. No taxpayer funds are slated for the project, Baker said.
Over the last 10 years, Comporium has designated $3.6 million to qualifying economic development projects in the region, said Glenn McFadden, the company chief operating officer.
Economic development officials said interest in a spec building has been high, and Baker said there is the possibility it could be leased before it is built.
The county hopes construction will start in the spring and finished within six months.
Antrim will construct the building and sell it and the land to the county, according to Comporium. If needed the building could expanded to 67,000 square feet.
The county’s hope is that someone buys the building, allowing the funds to be reinvested in another spec building.

By Don Worthington, Staff Reporter with The Herald