CDBG Update – Brooklyn Avenue Revitalization Project – Phase II

Applicant:  Lancaster County

Grant Amount:  $500,000

Local Funds: $124,829

Grant Source:  Community Development Block Grant Village Renaissance Program

Use of Funds:  Upgrade of sanitary sewer lines through the installation of 6,163 linear feet of 8, 10 and 12-inch cured in place pipe (CIPP), 183 vertical linear feet of cementitious manhole lining, grouting and point repair; upgrade storm drainage on South Avenue; demolition of 3 dilapidated apartment buildings and 4 dilapidated houses; clearance of 3 lots; clearance of environmental hazards on the Lancaster Mill
site through soil capping and installation of 475 linear feet of 2’ by 6’ concrete block; development of a neighborhood park; and façade improvements for an existing business. Public safety classes and efforts were also continued.

Total Project Cost:  The total project cost was $624,829.  Of this amount, $3,553 was spent for storm drainage improvements; $220,839 was spent for sanitary sewer upgrades; $262,262 was spent for clearance; $35,100 was spent for park development; $875 was spent for façade improvements; $57,200 was spent for engineering and $45,000 was spent for administration.  Of the total project cost, $500,000 was covered
with CDBG funds, Lancaster County contributed $67,629 and the City of Lancaster contributed $57,200.

Project Beneficiaries:  The project beneficiaries will be the 1,446 residents in the Brooklyn Avenue Neighborhood. Of the 1,446 beneficiaries, 1,093 (75.6%) are low and moderate income.

After Photo - 8th Street Apartments Demolition