City of Union – Main Street Junction Project

Main Street Junction was completed in November 2016 and successfully delivered a first-class venue for the use and enjoyment of the greater Union community. This was the City of Union’s first design-build project and includes a renovated 10,000 s.f. Main Street building, new ½-acre ornamental park and outdoor patio. The following final costs were funded primarily from a TIF district GO bond and fire insurance proceeds.

Original Contract Amount                                      $1,200,000

Council Requested Change Orders                           $102,520

Other Change Orders                                                  $48,895

Breezeway Patio                                                       $173,795

CONTRACT TOTAL*                                        $1,525,210

*Acquisition, demolition and other related costs of $65,017 were paid separately.

The Montgomery Company was the general contractor for the project and relied heavily on local contractors, labor and suppliers for this project. Approximately 72% of local Union resources were used on the direct construction costs of the project and included a very diverse workforce, both sex and race. In addition, TMC has since hired several local people, so this project didn’t just affect the local economy for the Main Street Junction project, but for a more long-lasting period.

Also vital to the success of the design and construction of the facilities was the support of the Mayor and City Council and dedication of the MSJ advisory committee: Harold Thompson, Tommy Anthony, Jim Wilson, Joe Nichols, Andrena Powell-Baker, Curtiss Hunter, Graham Williams, Torance Inman and Robby Moody.

Several events from fundraisers to weddings to receptions have already been held at Main Street Junction and bookings have been made through the end of 2017.

This summary presentation of the project includes before and after photographs.