Community Development Block Grant Update

September was a busy month in the life of the grants staff. Two SC RIA projects were submitted and Six CDBG applications were submitted. The SC RIA projects included a request for the replacement of two wastewater pump stations for the Town of Fort Mill and a stormwater/culvert replacement project on Bailes Road for Lancaster County. The City of Union and the Town of Great Falls requested CDBG funds to demolish condemned and blighted structures in their corporate limits. The City of York requested funds to assist in the redevelopment of City Park on Raille Street. The City of Chester requested funding for a Farmers Market Pavilion to be located behind the City Hall. The Town of Great Falls requested funds for the stabilization of the Old Company Store on Dearborn Street. Lancaster County requested funds for the renovation of the County DSS facility. These 8 projects combined  total potential investment of $5,539,255 into the communities with $2,950,000 dollars coming as a result of grants.