Lancaster County Water & Sewer District / Lancaster County receive Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant

On March 5th the Economic Development Administration (EDA) announced that the Lancaster County Water and Sewer District and Lancaster County would receive a $ 912,500 grant to pay for improvements to serve the Keer, Inc industrial site in Indian Land. Keer is projected to create 500 new jobs over the next five years and invest $55,000,000 in the new plant. The improvements include water and sewer extensions and widening of Old Bailes Road for the $ 1,825,000 project. The local match for the EDA funding is being provided by the Water and Sewer District and the County.
The idea for the project arose out of a meeting between Lancaster County Economic Development Corporation President Keith Tunnell and Senior Planner Mike Vead with the Council of Governments while discussing another project for the County. After coordinating with the Water and Sewer District and Lancaster County, Mr. Vead submitted an Public Works application to the EDA in September. In early November, the District and the County were notified by EDA that the project had passed the internal review process but would require the submission of additional information before a final decision was made on the funding request. Mr. Vead provided the information initially requested by EDA in December and continued to provide additional information as requested through January and February of this year. This effort culminated in the March announcement by Senator Lindsey Graham that the project had been funded by EDA.