Outstanding SC Works Center Employee Award

The South Carolina Workforce Development Partnership Symposium was held on February 22, 2012 at the Columbia Metropoliton Convention Center.  Anita Eagle was presented with the Outstanding SC Works Center Employee Award which recognizes and honors outstanding contributors in an SC Works Center.  She was nominated by the Catawba Workforce area and selected by the State Workforce Board. 

Anita Eagle is a Placement Supervisor at SC Works Lancaster. Through her years of experience in workforce development, Anita has recognized the importance of welcoming the differences in people as a key element in building relationships. She treats each customer and staff member with fairness and consistency. With the many recent changes within SC DEW, policies, procedures, and leadership, Anita continually provides a positive image in which all staff can emulate as the standard for the local office and the state of South Carolina. With each customer that she helps, Anita’s positive attitude allows them to know that she genuinely cares about their situation and will do all she can to assist them. Daily, Anita corresponds with many employers and finds a way to meet their specific needs. She is very attentive and proactive and, when given a task, effectively utilizes other staff members and resources to efficiently complete that task while still performing her normal job duties. Anita has consistently gone above and beyond her normal job requirements. A local HR Manager had this to say about Anita, “Her professionalism and knowledge of staffing a business is outstanding. Anita is always ready to help us with a variety of employment needs.”