Union County Transit Feasibility Study

The Union County Transit Feasibility Study was completed to understand the need for public transportation in the county and within the region, to determine the feasibility of providing transit service, to determine community support for transit service and to define the different transit alternatives that could work in Union County and the available funding sources.  AECOM was selected by Union County in the fall of 2017 to develop the study.

Public engagement determined the community needs and level of support for public transportation services.  Activities were launched on December 1st, 2017 with a pop-up event and survey at the Christmas Parade.  Throughout the development of the Transit Feasibility Study, approximately 800 people participated in the outreach and the results was strong community support for transit in Union County. Public outreach efforts involved focus groups, phone interview, public events, surveys, and a public meeting.

City of Union and Union County are low-density areas with no census tracts with more than two households per acre and no census tracts with more than two jobs per acre. Transit alternatives such as demand response, ridesharing, vanpools and employer-provided shuttles are most appropriate for Union County. The Rural Transit Service Recommendations are as follows:

  • Demand Response – Short-term, beginning in Years 1 – 3
  • Vanpool Service – Medium-term, beginning in Years 4 – 8
  • Express Route – Long-term, beginning in Years 9 – 10

On the evening of July 30, 2019, Mariate Echeverry, AECOM Senior Transportation Planner shared the Union County Transit Feasibility Study with officials from Union County, the City of Union, and the towns of Jonesville, Lockhart, and Carlisle at Main Street Junction.  Over the next several months, the Union County Council will adopt the final report and submit a resolution to South Carolina Department of Transportation, Office of Public Transit to initiate a three-year transit pilot program.

Click here to view the final report.