WIOA Out of School Youth Program Success Stories

ResCare Youth – Out of School Youth Program is a case management based program that focuses on academic and employment success. The Grantee will offer on-site help to improve basic skills (TABE), obtain GED, employability skills, soft skills through computer-based ResCare Academy software. The Grantee will offer occupational training in ServeSafe, NRFF, and Clean Green Technician. The Grantee may refer some participants to other occupational training such as Advanced Manufacturing.

Ashton Taylor Sullivan was enrolled as a participant with the ResCare Workforce Services WIOA Out of School Youth Program. She came in to the program a high school graduate, but with limited employability skills.  She was barely making ends meet and had little support from home.  Ashton was employed part time as a waitress but knew she wanted more for her life.  She developed a plan with the help of her Talent Engagement Specialist and Talent Development Facilitator and decided that Dental Assisting would be the Career path for her.  Ashton attended work readiness sessions and improved her job readiness skills.  She decided on the Palmetto School of Career Development.  She wanted to maybe work at an orthodontist’s office one day.  She gained the skills that she needed for an entry level job as a dental assistant.  She began classes at the Palmetto School of Career Development on 8/1/2015 and completed on 10/17/2015.  She received certificates in Chairside Dental Assisting, OSHA and Radiation Safety.

Ashton began a work experience with Victory Dental Center on 11/17/2015 in Indian Land, SC where she gained great entry level skills as a dental assistant. She wanted to be closer to home so she applied at Kids First Dental in Lancaster SC.  She started working there full time on 3/14/2016 and is there currently.  She is also enrolled at York Technical College and is currently working on completing her degree there as a part time student.

York Technical College-Out-of-School Youth Services provides intensive services for youth in Chester, Lancaster, and York Counties.  The goal of the program is to assist youth in achieving academic and employment success.

The services include:
1) an objective assessment of the academic skills, skill levels and service needs of participants;
2) services strategies to assist each participant in identifying their employment goals;
3) opportunities for employment and training services;
4) life skills training and mentoring services;
5) case management in providing academic and employment and training services;
6) short-term, specialized and occupational skills training opportunities;
7) continued supportive services while registered in training;
8) a local system of cooperation and coordination of services with other agencies;
9) incentives on recognition and achievement.
10) follow-up services for twelve months;

The program will provide services to encourage potential program participants to enter career fields according to their assessment results, strengths and interests and to provide career counseling.

Jasmyn Baxter, a single mother of a young son, enrolled in the WIA Older Youth program housed @ York Technical College in August of 2013. Jasmyn enrolled in the program to receive assistance/support for occupational training.  Prior, to her enrollment in the WIOA program, she has worked a series of short term part time jobs.  She realized that in order to adequately provide for her child, she needed to pursue training that could open up a career pathway.  She cites her son as her motivation for trying to be the best that she can.

Jasmyn worked with her case manager to explore training options. Since she enjoyed working with and helping others, she decided that Medical Assisting was her best choice.  She would be able to complete the program in a relatively short period of time, and based on industry data, employment opportunities were plentiful.  Jasmyn studied hard and make good grades in her program.  She acknowledges that balancing school, part time employment and a child was @ times stressful.  She says that anytime she got discouraged, she would think about her son.

Jasmyn successfully completed her program and entered a Work Based Learning opportunity @ Carolina Interventional Pain center, where she was able to practice the skills learned in her training program. Jasmyn took this work experience very seriously, and received very positive performance reviews.   In fact, at the end of her Work Based Learning experience, Jasmyn was hired by the facility as a medical assistant.

Jasmyn continues to look for ways to expand her career options. She intends to one day become a Registered Nurse.  She is currently taking classes @ Central Piedmont Community College towards that end.  Motivated by her child, her future will only become brighter.

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