WIOA Youth Success Story

Alec Lohmann came into the SC Works Lancaster office seeking career guidance and assistance with developing a career path.  He was working at Food Lion but wanted to better himself and pursue a career.  While he did not have an extensive work history in the construction industry, Alec was interested in Heavy Equipment Operation.  He began attending the LEGACY for job readiness workshops in which he was able to identify his strengths and skills, build upon these strengths and improve his work readiness skills.  Alec obtained a Silver Status on his WIN assessment.  Alec was approved to attend the Heavy Equipment Operator course at Carolina Construction School.  During this time, Alec showed exemplary motivation to exceed in the coursework. This made a lasting impression on teachers and peers.  Reid Baker, Carolina Construction School Administrator, stated “If you can clone him and send us at least ten more like him that would be great. He is really doing a great job – fast learner, motivated and will be a very good operator once he gets some experience.”

Upon completion of the program Alec was offered a permanent position with Carolina Construction as a Heavy Equipment Operator. He is one of the Leads for a project with the Lancaster County School District working at Buford Schools.

Written by David Williams