Chester Completes Needs Assessment

Chester County has provided the Catawba Regional Council of Governments with a list of prioritized needs.

The county listed 12 different items on the list. Included on the list are an expansion of water and sewer services to low and moderate income areas not currently being served. The county also wants to address slums and blighted areas. This includes clearance of the Brownfield areas as well the abandoned Eureka and Gayle Mills and the Great Falls Mill Number 2. The Eureka Mill property is in the process of being cleared by its owners, though that work has hit several snags.

The county also hopes for construction and infrastructure upgrades to promote economic development through the expansion of existing industries and location of new industries.

Educational opportunities also made the list in the form of training for low and moderate income citizens. It is hoped that will enhance the employment possibilities of those people.

The upgrade of water and sewer services in low and moderate income areas and the extension of water, sewer and other infrastructure services to affordable housing sites was also included on the list as are sewer connections to the planned Montrose development, to the S.C. Highway 99 area and along the I-77 corridor, including the S.C. Highway 97 interchange.

A number of sidewalks have been constructed or repaired in Chester recently, and the county hopes to see that continue, specifically in the area from Parkway Avenue to the bypass, on York Street and all along the bypass.

Upgrades to EMS facility, construction of a fire substation in the West Chester township to provide expanded fire protection and the furthering of fair housing opportunities round out the needs assessment.

Councilwoman Mary Guy asked if the items were placed in any particular order, and Roddey said they are not. It is just a general list of things the county would like to get done, Roddey said, and Catawba Regional might be able to help by securing available grant money, he said.

By Travis Jenkins, Staff Writer with The News & Reporter