Haemonetics to hire up to 70 workers

To help fill the orders of a new customer Haemonetics will hire up to 70 new employees and start another shift by the beginning of December.

Located at 155 Medical Sciences Drive in Union, Haemonetics produces sodium citrate anti-coagulant used for plasma collection. The facility currently employs a workforce of 118 employees.

That’s in the process of changing as Haemonetics is hiring additional employees to meet the needs of a new customer the company recently signed.

Union County Supervisor Tommy Sinclair said Monday that Haemonetics notified his office Friday about its plans to expand operations and hire more personnel. He said he and Union County Development Board Executive Director Andrena Powell-Baker then met with Haemonetics representatives to discuss the company’s plans.

“Haemonetics got in touch with us Friday that they are expanding their operations and are looking for 50-70 employees by the second of December, ” Sinclair said. “It was a short notice decision so Andrena and I went to meet with them. They are going through Wade’s Employment and we have contacted the Workforce Investment Board here and in Spartanburg to assist in job fairs and that sort of thing.”

Amanda Moss, process engineer at Haemonetics, said the hiring of the additional personnel grew out of a new contract Haemonetics signed with a new company. She said Haemonetics is already in the process of conducting interviews with potential employees and is looking forward to the expansion of its operations.

“We are excited to be growing as a company in Union County,” Moss said Monday afternoon. “We are really looking forward to this.”

Moss said Haemonetics is hiring production operators, group leaders, and maintenance personnel.

Sinclair also welcomed the company’s success.

“We applaud their effort,” Sinclair said. “We appreciate the confidence they show in Union County. We see a bright future ahead with Haemonetics.”

By Charles Warner, Staff Reporter with The Union Daily Times