SCDOT seeking public comment on the Fiscal Year 2016 State Program

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is seeking public comment on the Fiscal Year 2016 State Program. The State Program provides statewide budget information including a distribution of resources among state funded maintenance programs.

The 2016 State Plan was prepared as required by Act 114 and contains objectives and performance measures for the preservation and improvement of the existing state highway system. The projects and the work detailed in the plan are funded solely with state funds and other state revenue sources.

Planned resurfacing and bridge replacement projects are included and identified by specific location. The State Program also provides an overview of the current condition of various features of the transportation system.

A copy of this press release (along with any available charts, maps, tables, etc.) is available for public review and comment until April 9, 2015 on the world web by clicking here.